Vox Pop & Interview Video Production

The term ‘Vox pop’ is from a Latin phrase that translates as ‘voice of the people’. It is a common term in broadcasting used to describe a short interview piece that gathers a person’s opinion or thoughts on a given subject.

Usually filmed with the subjects eyeline ‘off-camera’ to the interviewer, vox pop interviews are a great way to capture video content. Vox pops often work well with people who are initially slightly nervous about being filmed, as they usually tend to forget the camera once engaged in a conversation on a subject they are familiar with.

We are an experienced  production company in vox pop and interview scenarios. Our camera crews are creative and adaptable and know how to get the best from any filming situation, from a interview with a guest speaker at an event, grabbed on-the-fly outside the conference room, to corporate style formal set-up with a board Director. We deliver high quality, great value interview content.

Whether we are working with your company CEO delivering a business message or your colleagues in the office expressing an opinion on a given subject, our vox pop filming packages are a highly effective way of producing engaging video content. We film in 4K with perfect sound and flattering LED lighting, during the editing we generally remove the interviewers questions, leaving a series of compelling people focussed clips that will engage the viewer. Adding a music backing track with on-screen idents, titles, logos etc. produces a cost effective and highly watchable end result. Contact us for more details and package pricing on vox pop video and interview filming.


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