Schweppes Product Launch

Schweppes is a soft drinks brand that is part of the Coca Cola group of companies. Sold worldwide they supply a range of non-alcoholic drinks and carbonated mixers.


Launch of Deuce soft drink to the licensed trade at Aston Villa FC.



The Schweppes team wanted to deliver visual impact in a potentially difficult room with multiple pillars that created line-of-sight issues. From the outset it was decided the room architecture should be worked into the design of the AV set-up. The brief was for a non-standard and not a traditional conference style set-up to facilitate an informal presentation. Our events team suggested a central focal point in the room based around a circular truss structure. A bespoke circular laminate floor was made-to-measure on-site by our joiners enabling the presenters to work effectively ‘in the round’. This ‘gather round’ solution was welcomed by the client, rather than a more formal seated audience approach.


Sound and brand coloured lighting was centralised around the truss circle, illuminated branded chillers displayed the new product ready for tasting. A 360 degree curtain reveal (Kabuki drop) was utilised to deliver the wow factor, revealing the centre stage presenters and product range to the audience at the start of the show.


Multiple plasma screens were sited throughout the room to display animated looping branding and the new TV advertisements during the launch. So as not to be visually intrusive the audio visual set-up was controlled from the far corner of the room by our technical team, a wide angle reference camera enabled sight of the ‘stage’ for technical control during the show.

Technical Overview

Allen+Heath audio mixer

Crown XLS 602 Amplifiers

8x Speaker system

2 Sennheiser hand-held radio microphones

2 Sennheiser lapel microphones

6x 65” Panasonic plasma screens

Parabella floor stands

Unicol flying brackets

Eventix switcher

Video playback

Laptop show PC’s

Wireless Presenter remote


Our Clients Comments

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