Pro Camera & Video Sales

Our team in Professional Equipment Sales are specialists in a wide range of video production equipment, from acquisition to post production.

We supply kit from most of the major manufacturers, including JVC, Panasonic, Rode, Kata, Sennheiser, Hanel Manfrotto, Libec and Sony.

Our product range means we support a diverse range of clients from one-man businesses filming weddings and corporate work, through to educational establishments and TV studio installations. We recognise that independent video producers have different needs and requirements to Broadcast professionals.

We are not simply Pro Equipment 'box shifters' the majority of the equipment we sell we utilise for our own video corporate production work, this means you will get unbiased and honest advice on the products we feel is right for your genre of work, before you commit elsewhere come in and have a chat !

We stock a wide range of video tape stock including VHS, SVHS, MiniDV, Betacam, JVC D9. We also carry stock of bulk duplication video tape.

Also available SD cards for HD video use in Panasonic and JVC HD camcorders. SDHC Cards available in Class 6 and Class 10 for reliable High Definition Camera use.

We supply a wide range of lithium camera batteries and 12volt camera power kits from some of the leading camera battery manufacturers including IDX and the acclaimed Hanel range of camera power solutions, an excellent range of batteries and power adapters that come with a 2yr warranty and are packed with features at amazingly low prices.

If you are looking for a specific battery for your camcorder and can't seee it listed, contact us and we'll get straight back to you with a competitive price, whatever the make and model.

We supply a wide range video tripod and grip equipment from the leading manufacturers including Manfrotto and Libec. Manfrotto Professional quality tripods, heads, and supports have a superb reputation for rugged strength and reliability among professional videographers the world over, available from NAV at low internet prices.

Camera track, dollies and pedestals from Libec and Manfrotto for video production professionals.

We supply a range of LCD HD monitors from the acclaimed JVC Professional display range for camera and post production studio use, a high performance range with rich colours and extremely high contrast, all at a surprisingly affordable prices. Also available DataVideo's range of LCD studio and field monitor solutions - Quality and affordability for video production professionals.

We supply a range camera and camcorder accessories including KATA advanced cases, camera bags, video bags and carrying systems for videographers and filmmakers. Our camcorder accessories are available for JVC, Panasonic and Sony professional cameras and camcorders. Also available a range of DataVideo LED low energy portable location lighting.

We are main dealers for the range of JVC ProHD camcorders with their direct file-based recording system that streamlines production workflow with ready-to-edit footage. The current JVC range includes: GY-HM150E, GY-HM650E, GY-HM850E, GY-HM890E. We also supply the Panasonic AVCCAM & AVCHD range of camcorders including the highly acclaimed Panasonic AF101.

NAV have been audio specialists since 1967, we supply a range of audio equipment for videographers and production professionals. We are dealers for the leading audio equipment and microphone manufacturers including Sennheiser, Shure and the superb range of Rode microphones with their on-board camera and stand-alone recording solutions.

NAV supply a range of Multi-format video switchers and mixers for live productions, webcasting, studios, conferences and much more. Our range includes a complete line-up of products for the professional and broadcast video market, from simple one-task signal converters to full portable production solutions for studios or mobile live events.

NAV Stock a wide range of DVD Players, DVD Recorders and DVD Blu-Ray Players and Blu-Ray Recorders from the leading manufacturers.

Also available a range of Lightweight and portable hard disk drive (HDD) recording units for use with tape or card based camcorders.

Tapeless file based video acquisition has many advantages over traditional tape, recording times are far longer, there are no drop-outs and you will speed up the process from acquisition to editing.

Our range of HDD and SD Card recording units are ideal for people who still use tape based camcorders and recorders but also want the added benefits of digital acquisition.

Professional tapeless camcorders, solid state broadcast cameras and cinematic large sensor camera bodies. Engineered to the highest standard using the very latest technologies, Blackmagic combines class leading technical development with exceptionally keen pricing.

We supply a wide range video and camera lighting for both location and studio based video production work. Our low power consumption, zero heat output LED camera lighting solutions are available as mains or battery powered units for location shooting. The ultra bright 5400K LED light panels are available at discounted internet prices from NAV.

NAV supply a full range of camera bags and equipment flight cases. Protect your valuable investment with a professional carry bag or flight case. We sell the full range of Camrade bags that are made to fulfil the requirements of professionals the worl over. CamRade distinguishes itself by producing high-quality bags with first class materials at affordable prices. We also stock the amazing value range of Datavision heavy duty carry cases made from super strong polypropylene, that are crush resistant with rubber seals to protect valuable equipment from water & dust.

Transmit your LIVE HD Content Anywhere Wirelessly

When combined with a Teradek decoder, Cube™ will transmit live video to any location with a data connection. Whether your video feed is being sent back to a studio, into a video switcher, or displayed on a large screen, Cube’s point to point streaming solution can bring your content to audiences worldwide.

Cube™ enables producers, clients, and others on set to monitor every shot live in HD on their iPads. Instead of running long, cumbersome cables to bulky monitors, Cube’s ability to turn the iPad into a mobile wireless monitor liberates cinema crews from wired tethers and cluttered studios. (Video latency on the iPad is ~7-8 frames).

With a simple press of the Go Live! button, Cube™ will stream directly to your website, Facebook page, or a content delivery network (CDN) of choice. Cube supports multiple transport protocols, including RTMP, RTP/RTSP, RTP Push, MPEG-TS, and HTTP Live Streaming, which makes it the most versatile wireless video encoder available.