Conference Room Audio Visual System

Kingsmill Hospital

Located on the site of King’s Mill Hospital, the King’s Mill Conference Centre offers a multitude of training rooms and lecture theatres used to educate medical professionals. Due to the varied nature of the training that takes place, the Conference Centre requires a flexible Audio Visual approach to meet the changing demands of its users, in particular its largest lecture theatre with a total audience capacity of upto 150, which can be partitioned to provide two rooms of upto 75 audience members.


NAV were commissioned to provide AV installation services to upgrade the current Lecture Theatre AV set-up and provide presenters with an improved user experience when it came to turning on and operating the equipment before and during presentations.

The complex AV System therefore needed to be intuitive and easy to operate, such that even new users could begin presenting within minutes. NAV installed an AMX control system with a customised AMX Interface to control key functions such as system on/off, input switching for laptops, desktop PC and visualiser, microphone levels and full Video Conferencing control. As the room could be divided in two for independent training sessions, NAV’s AMX programmers created custom ‘Combined’ and ‘Individual’ room presets which could be changed with the touch of a button.

To comply with the UK’s Equality Act 2010, a hearing assistance system needed to be installed. As the room was to be partitioned into two, a traditional hearing ‘loop’ system wouldn’t be the most appropriate solution due to the ‘loop spill’ from one room to another. To counter-act this problem, NAV’s engineers installed an Infra-Red (IR) Assistive Hearing System which provided excellent Hearing Loop separation between the two rooms.

The traditional lamp-type projectors were also upgraded, replaced by modern 'lamp-free' laser projectors which feature superior colour reproduction and a long operational life-time of upto 20,000 hours, improving the Total Cost of Ownership.

To ensure the AV Investment continued to function efficiently, King’s Mill Conference Centre requested that the Audio Visual system be regularly serviced and a Bi-Annual AV Maintenance Visit was put in place. NAV’s service team perform two services visits per year to ensure that all the installed AV equipment is maintained and continues to operate to a high standard, ensuring the longevity of the equipment for maximum return on investment.


Technical Overview

2 x Manual Pull-Down Projection Screens

2 x Panasonic PT RZ370 Laser Projectors, ceiling mounted using Unicol projector ceiling mounts

2 x Samsung 55” commercial LED displays on wheeled Unicol Display Stands

A large AV Rack unit located at the rear of the room, populated with AV Control, Switching & Audio Amplification equipment including;

  • Extron MAV Plus 16 x 16 Matrix Switcher
  • Extron Picture in Picture Processor
  • Allen & Heath and Nexia Audio DSP & Matrix Systems
  • Inter-M Amplifiers
  • Video Conferencing Codec

2 x Polycom Video Conference Cameras combined with an array of dedicated ceiling microphones to capture participation from the audience during video conference calls.


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