The SR-HD1350EU combo deck provides an economical way for users to create standard Blu-Ray™ high-definition discs or standard DVDs directly from a live video input or from video files stored on its built-in HDD. Live input is provided through the unit's A/V connectors (SD) or the IEEE-1394 interface (SD/HD) and can be recorded directly to Blu-ray or DVD, or to the internal 320GB hard disk drive for later authoring and burning. Cameras providing USB 2.0 or SDHC/SDXC*² AVCHD memory files may also be used as input sources. Multiple copies of Blu-ray™ or DVD discs are easily obtained with the built-in duplication functon

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SR-HD1350 features:
„„ Composite in/out, Component video output,
DV-Input, Video outputs, S-Video in/out, HDMI output,
USB, SDHC card reader
„„ Direct Recording to optical discs (DVD-Video /BDMV format)
„„ Enables to connect to the equipment without HDCP certification *1
„„ Extended period and continuous recording *2
„„ Supports SDHC/SDXC *3 cards
„„ High speed dubbing
„„ Record pause mode NEW!
„„ Disc copy
„„ 320GB built-in hard disk drive
„„ Auto marking
„„ IR remote control
„„ Compatible with JVC's ProHD camcorder

*1 Only copyright free content.
*2 Up to full disc, but the file will be divided every 8 or 24 hours.
*3 For SDXC, an optional card adapter is needed.

Due to the many different functions of the JVC Blu-ray combo decks, we recommend you to read the manual of each Bluray combo deck carefully before purchase. We also recommend you check that the video formats of your camcorders are compatible with the JVC Blu-ray Combo decks.

The new combo decks support a variety of disk formats and structures, ranging from simple BDAV disks without menus to more sophisticated
BDMV media, with menus and backgrounds that the user can create and modify by ingesting background images, setting chapter marks and by
defining title names. For the vast majority of clients who still distribute their content in standard definition, the new combo decks provide automatic
downscaling of high-definition content to allow the burning of standard definition DVDs. This feature will eliminate the need to tie up larger editing
stations when high-definition content has to be downscaled, it can all be done by the SR-HD1350 or SR-HD1700 combo decks:

„„ Creation of simple BDAV blue ray discs without menus
„„ Creation of sophisticated BDMV Blu-Ray discs with user definable menus
„„ Creation of standard definition DVDs directly from high-definition content

In today‘s fast paced world, content producers often need a fast and efficient way to distribute their content. The SR-HD1350 and SR-HD1700
combo decks provide exactly the solution these professionals need. The wide range of compatible camcorders opens a vast market for this new
product line, making these combo decks the ideal choice for many content creators from wedding videographers to broadcasters. Once again, JVC
introduces an exciting innovative new product that builds on industry standards and provides an easy path to enter the era of high definition content
distribution on Blu-Ray discs.

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