Conference AV Case Study

The MemberWise Network was launched back in 2008 and now has over 4500 members, it is the UK’s leading free network organisation for association and membership professionals.  MemberWise offers a range of tools, resources and national events. NAV have been the approved audio visual supplier to the MemberWise network for over 10 years supporting the CEO and event organiser, Richard Gott with two annual conferences attended by up to 500 delegates.



Held in London twice yearly MemberWise conferences focus around a main conference room with branded backdrop and twin screen projection. Our graphics department provided the artwork designs for the main conference backdrop featuring the branding for the event and the sponsor logos. Printed on canvas, the eyeletted graphics panel forms the centrepiece of the conference set. Depending on the ceiling height in the venue, projectors are either flown from roof hung trusses or with suitable long throw lenses, projected from high tower stands at the back of the conference room. The main stage lighting is again either flown from a truss bar or sited on tripod tower stands. Colour wash and LED uplighters are utilised along the rear edges of the conference stage. Twin branded lecterns with built-in presenter comfort monitors complete the visual aspect of the event.

Presenter PowerPoint is looked after by our Graphics Operator, the main keynotes are also filmed and edited post event to provide a comprehensive record of the presentation content. Two further camera operators from our production department provide a dedicated interview room and roving conference camera, producing the conference promo video you can watch below.

Technical Overview

2x Panasonic 10,000 Lumen Laser Projectors
Bespoke Conference Set
Box Truss Logo Backdrop
6x2m Conference Stage
2x Presenter Lecterns
2x Audio Technica Lectern Microphones
HK Elements PA System
10 way Sennheiser Wireless Radio Microphone Rack
X32 Digital Audio Mixer
X32 Digital Stage Snake
2x Roland HD VR50 Conference Switchers
2x i5 Presentation Laptop PC's
MacBook c/w Playback Pro
Avolite Titan Mobile Lighting Desk
8x Source 4 LED Stage Lights
8x Moving Head Effects Lights with Custom Gobos
12x Pixel Bars LED Colour Wash Uplighters
2x 65” LED Touch Screen Displays
12x Wall-Wash Battery Uplighters
24x Par 18 LED Lights
3x Panasonic AC160 Pro HD Cameras
8x Show Technicians & Camera Operators

Client Feedback

The MemberWise Network has worked in partnership with NAV for over a decade and I have worked with the NAV team within a number of professional membership bodies for nearly 20 years. Our conferences have grown and our requirements have changed, however the NAV Team has been with us every step of the way. I have no hesitation recommending NAV if you are looking to take your conferences and events to the next level.

Richard Gott, CEO | MemberWise Network


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