Conference Video Production Company

We’ve been in the conference business since 1967. Filming conferences and creating conference video content is what we do! Conferences are a great way to improve your brand awareness, inspire and energise your colleagues or simply communicate a target message. An event video from a conference will deliver results, showcase the presenters, highlight networking opportunities and capture the overall buzz of the event day. A conference highlights video shared online will stimulate interest and make your future events unmissable.

We also provide multi-camera shoots and onsite live camera mixing for conferences and events, to relay to the main screens, overflow areas with live webcasts for remote viewing anywhere in the world. We work throughout the UK and regularly across the USA and Asia recording and streaming conferences and live events.

We’ve filmed hundreds of conference and events in all business sectors. Partnering with us as your conference video production company will bring the peace of mind that you’re working with a team who simply understand the conferences and events inside out and will deliver the best content possible.



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