Lighting Hire Tips

Are you arranging an event, party or wedding reception that requires cost effective room lighting? Our 5 quick tips will point you in the right direction and ensure your party or wedding reception looks great.

Tip 1.    Daylight – What sort of ambient light is in your party location? High levels of daylight will washout even the brightest LED lighting. Don’t waste money on hiring in lighting unless you are holding your event in a space where any ambient light can be controlled, especially so during the summer months.

Tip 2.    If you are hiring a lighting set-up, speak to the hire company about the power that you have available. Most modern LED lighting can be powered from a standard mains socket, even running multiple lights isn’t usually a problem. However do take in to account all the equipment, sound system etc. that will be on at the same time. The hire company will be able to tell you the total power consumption of everything you’re hiring. If you are having catering with hot plates etc. these consume a lot of power and will definitely need careful consideration and factoring in.

Tip 3.    Hire sound-to-light systems. Unless you have very specific requirements for moving lights, many modern disco or party lights have a built-in automatic function that moves the light in time with music. This automatic mode will avoid the need for a lighting desk and any of the complicated programming, in turn saving you money. Just remember to position the lighting and sound in close proximity, as the bass line is what drives the lighting movement. But remember when the music stops so will the lighting! If anyone makes a speech through the sound system this can also create an odd effect, with the lights moving randomly to their voice. So consider turning the moving lights off or switching the main room lights on during any speeches.

Tip 4.    Up-light the features around your venue. This works especially well for weddings where your theme colour can easily be carried throughout the room, entrance hall etc. We hire a range of battery powered, multi-coloured LED up-lighters that run for up to 8 hours on a single charge. Up-lighting walls and architectural features is a cost effective way to theme a room, it will add impact and give real lift to what otherwise maybe a plain wall in a room or hallway.

Tip 5.    We hire a range of portable disco and party lights that will fit in a standard car boot, are easy to set-up and to operate. Our 'Gig-Bar' hire is especially popular for hassle free, self operate lighting. If however you require more of a wow factor for your event, our lighting hire team can specify, deliver and operate a lighting rig that will make your party or event look fantastic. Contact one of the team on 0800 122 3139 or have a look at our Nottingham Equipment Hire page for more details: