Portable Line Array - PA Hire for Conferences & Events

 Nottingham PA Hire

Large line arrays flown from the rigging above the stage of an arena tour or large conference are a familiar sight, the vertical curve of the array is designed to deliver even sound coverage across the entire audience. Line array systems can often be costly to hire and the rigging required can be involved, these implications often reduce the feasibility of line array hire for smaller events. However recent advances in technology have seen the line array concept scaled down and made available in compact, affordable systems that are now available to hire from NAV.

The HK Elements system consists of a vertical column of high and mid drivers combined with a 10” subs. Arranging the drivers in this way alters the dispersion of the sound, creating a sound pattern that fans across the audience with reduced level directed towards the ceiling and the floor. The resulting sound is also more consistent front to back of a room, leading to increased listening comfort for those in the audience seated in close proximity to an array, whilst people further back can still hear a simillar, acceptable level.

The physical size and appearance of the HK Elements system belies it's quality and power output. Each array stack also has the advantage of taking up far less floor space than a conventional speaker and tripod stand, making it a popular choice for PA hire at conferences and corporate events where floor space is at a premium.

Health & Safety is also improved, as unlike conventional speakers and stand set-ups the HK Arrays are not at all 'top heavy', minimising the risk of accidents in an audience or event space. Overall the response from hire customers to our new HK systems has been nothing but 100% positive, with most stating they would not now go back to a conventional PA systems with heavy speakers on tripod stands.

We offer sound system hire for events in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester. Our HK Elements line array hire prices start from only £45.00+VAT. For 1x Sub & a HK Array column.

See http://www.nav.co.uk/index.php/hk-elements-pa-package for PA hire in Nottingham, Derby or Leicester. Alternatively call our Hire Desk on 0800 122 3139 and speak to one of our team for more specific details and pricing on your event sound system requirements.