Funeral Sound & Video Relays

We have many years experience supplying video screens for funerals and remembrance services across Nottingham and Derbyshire, we also hire large screens to play tributes at funeral services or at the wake.

For larger funeral services where the mourners may exceed the capacity of the church, we provide funeral sound relay systems to adjacent rooms or buildings or even temporary marquees. We have a range of outdoor weatherproof sound systems for relaying funeral services to mourners outside a church or funeral service location.

In addition to sound relays for funerals we supply funeral video relay systems that enable mourners to witness the funeral service and pay their respects. Typically we will make a site visit to the funeral venue a week or so before the funeral to discuss technical logistics i.e. camera and microphone locations, these will be as discreet as possible so as not to intrude on the service itself. We utilise Full HD cameras with long zoom lenses meaning we can usually work from the back of the church and still pick-up the sermons and any readings. The camera angles and content will be carefully considered and appropriate to the sensitive nature of funeral filming. The sound is picked up via  microphones sited at various key points around the church. Both the audio and HD video is then cabled to the adjacent location (usually within 100m). We can also make provision for further audio overflow outside the relay location, should there be mourners gathered outside.

There are a number of options for funeral overflow rooms including projectors and large screens or where there is significant ambient lighting, large LCD or LED display screens or videowalls. The funeral sound will be relayed to a suitable large sound system with multiple speakers, ensuring the mourners in the relay location are able to pay their respects and see and hear the service in full.

Generally we wouldn’t record a funeral service unless requested to do so. Should however the family request it, we can provide a full recording service. This is occasionally requested for relatives, who for instance may live abroad, or simply cannot attend the funeral or other reasons.

We pride ourselves on the level service we deliver for funeral video and sound relays. Our experienced funeral AV technical team will liaise directly with either the funeral director, church representative or the family as preferred, providing a discreet but comprehensive funeral filming service.

One of our recent funeral video and audio relays resulted in the following comment from the family;

“I am pleased to tell you that my family and I were not only impressed with your immediate response and willingness to help, but with the absolute professionalism provided to us. The standard of the video link was superb and I can tell you the positive feedback from mourners has been overwhelming. All this speaks volumes about you and your team of trusted capable staff.”

Gerry O’Neill

Based between Nottingham and Derby we preferred the AV suppliers to AW Lymn Funeral Directors, with 25 offices in Nottingham and South Derbyshire. For more details on their high levels of service and care visit:

For more details on AV for funerals contact the team at our Nottingham Office Tel. 0800 122 31 39

Here is a Case Study of a recent funeral we supported in Nottingham.