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Video & Production

We've been in the film business in Nottingham since 1967, and provide a full range of video and film based services.

So if you need it filming, editing, copying, transfering, duplicating or producing, and you prefer to deal with a reputable professional video company, who also offer great value for money then you've come to the right place!

Our Nottingham video production team includes creative producers, directors, cameramen and video editors with extensive video production experience in Nottingham and throughout the UK, for a diverse range of clients.

We can also transfer from virtually any video or cine film to DVD, or a digital format for online use, often enhancing the quality of the original media. Whether you need a single cine film transfering or a new company video producing we'd love to talk to you.

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We can transfer your audio recordings, either cassette tape or vinyl records to CD or MP3 files, so you can enjoy your favourite recordings on modern day equipment. Most people have a collection of old cassette tapes, LPs or reel-to-reel tapes, they could be recordings of family members, Professional Demo tapes, interviews or childrens concerts long forgotten in a garage or cupboard.
We understand not everyone has a Hollywood budget, although that doesn’t mean you have to accept second best. A company video shot on location using our latest HD equipment, creatively edited could cost you a lot less than you might imagine. We live in the real world, our rates start in the hundreds not the thousands ! Based centrally in Nottingham we undertake video work throughout the UK.
Do you need to hire a cameraman or camera operator? are you producing a company video and editing it yourselves? do you need a cameraman to record an event? NAV can help, we have experienced camera operators available at competitive daily rates. We have a comprehensive fleet of video kit both Professional DV and HD, and a full range of sound and lighting equipment included with our cameraman hire.
NAV Nottingham provide a VHS to DVD or MP4 or Mpeg 2 Digital File transfer facility, this once hugely popular format is fast becoming our most requested transfer service. If your looking for VHS video copying to DVD or MP4 or Mpeg 2 Digital File in the Nottingham area we can help. We offer transfers to DVD or MP4 or Mpeg 2 Digital File from many tape formats including VHS to DVD or MP4 or Mpeg 2 Digital File, Betamax to DVD or MP4 or Mpeg 2 Digital File, SVHS to DVD or MP4 or Mpeg 2 Digital File, VHSC to DVD or MP4 or Mpeg 2 Digital File, Betacam to DVD or MP4 or Mpeg 2 Digital File, Umatic to DVD or MP4 or Mpeg 2 Digital File, 8mm to DVD or MP4 or Mpeg 2 Digital File,Mini DV to DVD or MP4 or Mpeg 2 Digital File.
Already established as the No1 marketing and promotional tool online video content is set to get even bigger in 2012, as people further embrace the concept of free public access content, we can help you get your videos online, in front of a potential audience of millions! It maybe highlights from your latest Conference, a message from your Chairman or your latest promotional video, at NAV we can help you get your media converted or correctly formatted to go online.
NAV offer a complete DVD Production Service. We convert most popular formats either digital or tape based programs to DVD & DVDR/W. As an alternative to DVDR/W we offer professionally pressed DVD’s to full retail standard with chapter menus, full colour on-disc printing and inlay sleeves, dvd cases and retail shrink wrapping.
Are you looking for a video editing and filming service in the Nottingham area? NAV can help you with all Nottingham video editing and cameraman hire requirements. NAV provides video editing for domestic clients, businesses and the public sector organisations in Nottingham and across the UK. Call us, there is no obligation or a hard sell, even if you commit elsewhere talking to us could well save you money in the long run.

Many families in the country have a collection of old films that lie forgotten gathering dust because no-one has the time, or equipment to relive the memories. NAV offer a professional service that can bring your treasured memories back to life. Your parents wedding? A forgotton childhood holiday? They can all be reborn and mastered in a modern DVD digital format with our Nottingham Cine to DVD transfer service.