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Datavideo RMC-200 LANC Control Studio Camera Remote (Tripod Mount)

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Studio Camera Conversion Unit: Camcorder Mounted Remote Controller

With the RMC-200 it's easy to control a camcorder from a tripod arm. Zoom, record and pause without having to touch (and shake) the camera itself. At such as low cost, it's a wonderful way to transform camera equipment for studio use.

Additionally, the controller is compatible with the Datavideo look-back monitor for easy framing and programme preview monitoring. It also works with the low-cost DN-60a data recorder enabling tape-based cameras to make the leap into file-based production.


•Multi-functional controller to remote control camera, TLM-430 Look Back monitor & DN-60A CompactFlash card recorder

•Controls Camcorder Pause / Record / Zoom plus Record on Datavideo DN-60A Recorder
•Zoom Control with variable speed
•Controls switch to return feed input on Datavideo TLM-430 Look Back Monitor
•Mounts on to Tripod Arm
•Supports Sony LANC Control - suitable for many Panasonic, Canon & Sony Camcorders